Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nikki Modelling her coats.

My little girl has certainly been keeping me on my toes. I've lost a 1lb in a week running after her!!

Can you guess what this is?
It look like a swanky fire side rug don't you think? But no animal was hurt in the making of this as it's fake fur. My daughter made Nikki a little going out coat to keep her cosy when she does the rounds of our hamlet. The fur is the reverse of this little red number.
Her she is modelling it, her little tail is wagging so furiously that it's a blur! Of course she shares my love of things red. (and pink) haha. The coat fastens underneath with velcro and around the front. She did have a shop bought one but she kept stepping out of it and didn't like the way it went over her head like a polo neck. (she also had a halter lead which was too big so she has a lead for now) She has her name down for puppy lessons next month so we both will learn what's what with dog training.

Waiting patiently so she can go for a walk. Out and about she saw two huge horses going for a canter with their owners and hardly miffed, was also interested in a couple of chickens but looked at them with distain!

As I thought she needed even a warmer coat to cope with the cold I made her one out of a bit of discarded blue fur, which was thicker.  Another fireside rug....

                                                  Reverse side....
I had a nice homemade pink brooch which I wear but I thought it looked really nice on this piece of fabric, which has green frogs running up it. (In real life it's a bright pink)

Another modelling picture, taken outside Pets@home where she has a micro chip inserted. What was a 5 min job took about 20 mins due to everybody wanting to hold or stroke her!
I used the pattern that my dd made but lengthened it a little bit. I ran out of pink bias binding so had to add a little bit of red to finish it off. I think she is going to have an outfit for everyday soon, made out of scraps of fabric. Maybe even a quirky house mini quilt cover lol.
As my time is taken up such a lot with Nikki I will be posting every two weeks from now on.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Little puppy and cupboard.

Not to much to report this week as I have been adopted by this little puppy.
Nikki who is 3/4 chihuahua and 1/4 jack russell. Potty training at the moment, takes me back to babies! She seems to be catching on tho and is pretty intelligent so we hope she will settle down well.

In between running around after her, this is my project that I'm working on. I forgot to take a proper before photo.
Here is is without the shelves, drawers and back. Probably will be painting it creamy colour as it's a small room and I don't want it to be overbearing in there.

And last but not least, is little Stripey Sam
who is for sale. (sold now) He's wearing his winter warmers just in time for the snow!!

Forgot to add the wine book that somebody wanted for home made wines. The one I use has very simple recipes and with no added chemicals.
'A drop o'wine' The Mollie Harris Book of Country Wine. I don't think it's being printed anymore but there might be one on Ebay or Amazon.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Yet another quilt for daughter!

I have a confession to make, the recent quilt I made for my daughter which is here (and the other one here) never got to her house as after it was finished.... I had an eureka moment!!

When she got married 15 years ago, at the reception I went around with a sheet and asked the guests to sign their names onto it, afterwards the names were all embroidered (approx 100) and a crochet edging was added, and thus a tablecloth was born.
It was bought out on anniversary occasions a couple of times and then popped back in a drawer and forgot about.
So the eureka moment was, why don't I make her a quilt with this as a backing. Daughter thought it was a great idea as the embroidered cloth would be used instead of laying in a drawer doing nothing.

So off I went again, with the same pattern (she still wanted a pale colour) with a pop of colour in the middle.

 The first time using the walking foot and extension table. I have to confess that when I was sewing it together first time it cobbled up something horrid so it all had to be undone. I think it was because I had nearly run out of spray glue and so used it sparingly, which didn't hold the 3 layers together properly. Anyhow got some more glue and made sure it was all stuck down and away I went again. (I didn't use a walking foot with the other quilts and it didn't cobble) This one is a bit bigger than the others.

I was really pleased how it turned out. Lots of happy memories and some of the children on there are now married with kids of their own!

Bit of fancy embroidery. I got it finished in time for their lst anniversary!

Daughter also wanted it to look more puffy with an eiderdown effect, so, instead of an all over quilting I just sewed around the square blocks and put a few love hearts in the banding. The binding was lots of different red fabric joined together, as I'd run out of anything else suitable.

This one DID go home with her! One very happy daughter, who, I'm sure will make full use of it. It will be nice to snuggle into as we are expecting a very cold spell soon. In the warmer weather it could be used as a throw for the bottom of the bed. As for the crochet that was around the edges. It was carefully unpicked and now in a drawer waiting for another suitable project to come along.

And all done in front of my cosy log fire. Hmmm need a cuppa now and perhaps a biccy or.....cake would be nice....decisions, decisions lol.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

wine labels & Rodders Rabbit

Hello again and welcome to my little blog.
Are we missing winter and gone straight to spring as it has been, I'll whisper.... sunny and mild? lol I bet we'll get snow in April or something daft like that.

I  thought I would do a more fancier label on my homemade plonk bottles as they usually end up as presents. Here is the old label, just a boring old sticker slapped on....
beetroot 2008.....we arn't quick drinkers haha.

The rhubarb just bottled up at the end of the year so makes the 2012 vintage!
I had to put on one of my 'quirky' houses didn't I ;0) and then Head Honcho did the computer whizard stuff to make it fit on the label.

As you can see no added chemicals! Also syphoned off this week was pea pod wine, which falls into the catorgory of 2013 vintage.  Had lots of peas last year and it seemed a waste to compost all those pods without using them first. (afterwards they went in the compost)

 I have a nice wine book with all the old fashioned wine recipes and no added chemicals and so, used the recipe that was in there. No ideal what it will taste like as it is rather young at the mo. This lot will probably be ready when the next lot of rhubarb is growing.

This is the triplet bunny rabbits that have been living with me.
This little guy is still available is you are interested in purchasing him my email is

This one has gone to his new owner who has a liking for music, so Rodder's bought along his own guitar to make melody!!

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