Sunday, 28 July 2013

Redwork embroidery and a lovely parcel of goodies.

There still hasn't been much movement on the crafting front, although I did manage to finish these 3 redwork embroideries, a series of Mrs. Harris & Nikki.

                                            Here is Mrs. Harris and Nikki feeding the hens.

                                         Wheeeee, free wheeling down the hill!

                                        Fresh apples for an apple pie.

I am intending to turn these into pdf files as mentioned earlier, but time has once again run away and it's not been done. Lots of rough sketches for more Mrs. Harris & Nikki. These were worked in running stitch and a little chain and satin stitch, she stands approx 8" tall from her wellies to her hat and is worked on a buff coloured polycotton fabric.

 I am considering selling these three embroideries if you are interested, my email is in the sidebar.
 (I also am working on an applique with her hanging out a patch work quilt and am getting out my paints to do a painting of them, so watch this space!)

This week I am a winner...yay! Paper and String were having a giveaway and here is the package I received. Exciting eh.

and this is what I chose....4 bundles of felt and a large packet of fancy buttons.
Lush or what. I was allowed to choose £10 of goodies from her shop and what a shop!
Here is the link go and have a looksie, lots of lovely, yumminess lurking in there.

To end this post here is a photo of Nikki doing what she does best, posing!
Sheep are not for chasing, but for sitting on. haha. See you in a fortnight, take care.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Gardens, plants and Nikki

This week is all about the garden, I have sunburn to prove we have had sun. Not as much as England but enough to be able to sit out and have an ice lolly and read a book. Lovely.

The polytunnel was a sauna, everytime I went in my glasses steamed up. haha.
 The red blob on the left hand side is the only ripe tomato so far, lots of green ones tho.
The corn is an experiment to see if they produce corn. There are some tassels showing, think I will have to google to see what to do! The seat at the end is where I have a cuppa and give Nikki a brush. My grape vine has got 3 bundles of grapes, how big they will get we'll have to wait and see. Probably not enough to make a bottle of wine!

Huge amount of gooseberries. Quite small but they are ripe, never had so many on 2 small bushes, already made a cake with a few. Gives the cake a slightly tart flavour. DH doen't like goosegogs, so I don't tell him what's lurking in my cakes!

Here is Nikki showing of 2 of the rather large caulis that were in the polytunnel, we also picked some large heads of broccoli, yummy. The sun was so bright that Nikki had to borrow a pair of sunglasses...haha.

Here she is pretending to be a hen and hoping I wouldn't notice! Why she likes the hens oats I don't know, but she doesn't lay any eggs!!

Front garden, the bamboo sticks are for the runner beans as there was nowhere else to put them, but they look pretty with the red flowers climbing up.

another view.

Around the back again and next to the poly tunnel, to what is a field, but slowly turning a part of it into some semblance of a garden (hopefully anyway) The grass on this part has layers and layers of stones underneath so it makes it very difficult to dig. We wondered if it was a courtyard in the old days.  This summer house has only been a year in the making and still hasn't got all the glass in, one day we might even be able to sit there!

Well, that's your lot for this week. I have been doing a bit of crafting but some of it turned out wrong. But this is something I am pleased with and here is a peek....guess what Mrs.Harris (she's had a name change!) and Nikki are doing? Part of the set of what I hope will be a redwork embroidery pdf.

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

framed Sunshine Sampler

Just quickly popping in to show you the quirky houses Sunshine Sampler all framed up. The frame does need a bit of touching up but hey the battered look fits right in here!

.....and for those that wanted to know which cottage is mine. It's the white one with the 2 red doors
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